Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Favorite Piece of Hurricane Sandy Gear

I'm pleased to say we made it through Hurricane Sandy unscathed. There was a whole lot of wind and rain, but for us personally, not a whole lot of impact. The extent of our storm cleanup consisted of me picking up our trash cans that had gotten blown over.

We did, however, lose power last night as were heading off to bed. When I awoke, the power was back on and the wind had died down.

The power outage was short, but it did enlighten me to my favorite piece of gear for this storm: glow sticks. Specifically the 8" rope kind that's meant to be worn by kids as a bracelet or combined to form a necklace.

Whenever the power goes out at night, even if I have a flashlight at the ready (which I did last night), I'm always amazed at just how dark the house is. Between nightlights and lots of devices with glowing LED's, there's a fair bit of ambient light that's always present. When the power goes, so does ever last bit of light.

By snapping 8 different lights to life, I was able to drop them strategically around the up stairs - be it in near the toilet, sink or just a few in the hallway to light the way for our 7 year old. The result was a nice glow that made getting around much easier.

This morning I considered ordering some real chem lights, but I'm actually thinking the toy ones worked better. First off, having a large quantity (*100* for $9.00) means that it's a no brainer to bust out a handful, and the low light production means they work as night lights.

How about yourself - any gear make getting through the storm less painful?

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