Friday, October 05, 2012

The Power Of Low-Fi Media

Earlier this week, Shira brought home a CD filled with recordings she had extracted from her work voice mail (the folks at her office were kind enough to do this). The voice mails are pretty ridiculous. Here's an example:

What you just listened to was me coaching our one year old foster son through the process of leaving a voice mail for Shira. He was still new to this whole speaking thing, so while he gives it his best try not much comes out. Add to that that I'm talking at my usual super-fast clip, so how did I imagine he was going to keep up.

To most folks, this will be annoying chatter. But to me and Shira, it brings back a flood of memories from those days.

I hadn't even remembered leaving those messages.

The lesson I took away: never underestimate the power of low-fi media. Be it camera phone snapshots, voice mails, YouTube videos, or any other casual recording. Capture them often, you'll be glad you did.

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