Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Boston Adventure - 2 Adults, 4 Kids, Total Exhaustion

What an adventure we had this last weekend! Sukkot arrived before I could blog it, but now that I'm back online I can share.

This last weekend, Shira, our 7 year old, I flew up to Boston to spend a weekend with Chana, Dovid and Tzipora (aka, the Twinners+1). Rather than stay with my sister-in-law, we thought we'd give our little guy a taste of Downtown Boston for the weekend. So, the 6 of us stayed in a junior suite in the Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Friday afternoon we toured the USS Constitution, Saturday we visited the Science Museum and North Point Park, and Sunday we basically packed up and got on a plane.

Shira and I are seriously out of practice with the toddler mindset. Our 7 year old has truly spoiled us, what with his attention span and ability to follow instructions (like, "Hey, don't go under that rope!"). Man, did we get some serious running in as we chased the kids around both the ship and museum. Luckily, the playground at North Point was mostly fenced in (of course, the kids found a way out), so we got a bit of a respite there.

Our little guy did great, doing everything from leading them in imaginary adventures on the playground (they spent quite some time chasing pirate treasure) to tying shoes in the hotel room. And perhaps most amazingly, we managed to get everyone to sleep (including us!) by about 8pm both nights.

It really was a fantastic time, and I continue to be impressed by all that Boston has to offer. The Museum of Science was top notch (though there butterfly area was on the smaller side), and I'm quite certain myself and our 7 year old could have gotten lost in there for hours. North Point park doesn't get much of a mention on the web, but was beautiful, had excellent playground facilities and was an easy walk from the museum.

Here are some photos from the weekend:

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