Thursday, September 27, 2012

VOTE!! and My 3 1/2 Seconds of Viral Fame

I'm walking home from shul last Saturday when I saw a woman emerge from her house with a video camera and tripod. She's got quite the impressive garden so I thought she might be snapping some outdoor photos. She caught my eye and we talked, turns out, she was up to something more topical: she was on a mission to shoot a viral video and wanted to know if I could help. Her cause was convincing folks to vote. A noble cause if I ever heard one, so I was glad to be her first volunteer. She asked if I'd repeat the word "vote" into the camera, which I did. I told her my e-mail address and was on my way.

Last night a kind message arrived in my inbox along with a link to this video:

Sure enough, my 3½ seconds are present!

I love this project on so many levels: it's a great cause, it shows the power of the individual and it all happens in the local community. It shows that you don't need to depend on others to make a difference, you can start today.

Read the story behind the video. And most importantly, VOTE!


  1. WoW! That is pretty cool. It is an impressive video. I like the different languages. It sends a powerful message even though it only uses the one word.

  2. I agree - the concept is simple and effective.