Sunday, September 16, 2012

Geocaching as visual exercise

Took the boy Geocaching while Shira was at the gym this morning. We sought out a tiny little cache hidden in Pentagon city.

We actually found it relatively quickly. Here's what it looked like:

Thing is, I've passed this cache running dozens if not hundreds of times. Geocaching, then, I realized is all about actually seeing the environment you're in. Sure, each geocache provides you with a latitude and longitude, but that only gets you to the general vicinity. Then you're observation skills have to kick in, looking for something just a little out of place.

For me, it's an exercise worth conducting as often as I can. And while I 7 year old doesn't quite appreciate it (he was bummed the cache didn't contain toy he could swap for), it's a lesson I'm hoping he'll pick up through osmosis.

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