Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Rock Creek Regional Park

In the fine tradition of mixing shopping and outdooring, I wanted to find a place we could do some hiking nearby KosherMart in Rockville, MD. For us, KosherMart is a schlep, surely there had to be some hiking friendly area near by?

There turned out to be two good candidates: Brookside Gardens and Rock Creek Regional Park.

We'd been to Brookside Gardens, and loved it. But, I was definitely attracted to trying something new. And Rock Creek Regional Park has paddle boats!

So to Rock Creek won out. It was indeed about 15 minutes away from KosherMart, so my goal of killing two birds with one stone was accomplished. The paddle boats were fun, though, our 7 year old sat in the back and observed, so it got a bit old for him after a while. We got in a little bit of hiking, but not as much as I'd like. It's a picturesque area and the trails looked well maintained. I'd go back explore the park further.

From a kid friendly perspective, I think Brookside Gardens wins out between the two. Still, the park is clearly a gem.

We stopped for lunch at Yuan Fu Vegetarian restaurant while making our way from the park to the mart. Man that place is delicious! Who needs meat when you can deep fry vegetables in a sweet sauce? Our 7 year old especially liked the "chicken steak" - even though there was neither chicken or steak involved. If you eat vegetarian, you've got to search this place out and eat there.

Some photos from the day.

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