Thursday, September 20, 2012

Around Arlington - Butterflies, Cozies and Climbing

Nothing too exotic, just a few snapshot from a walk this afternoon.

Sure was nice of this guy to hold still and let me snap some shots with my camera phone.

The Street Sign Cozy Activist is at it again. I wonder how many more I'll be able to spot in Arlington? I'm not sure what the purpose of these guys are, but I'm on board with it.

Check out this funky climbing structure located in a tiny park off 1st St S. My fear of heights kept me from exploring it too much, but I expect our 7 year old will go to the top without a second thought.

My Brother David mentioned this park and structure to me a while ago, but I actually saw it for the first time today.

(The photos of the climbing grid don't really do it justice - it really does have some height to it)

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