Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Embrace The Slow - The DC Triathalon on a Bikeshare Bike

I just love this story from the DCist:

Amid the thousands of triathletes that completed a 25-mile bike ride as part of Sunday's Nation's Tri, Jefferson Smith certainly stood out—as we reported yesterday, he did it on a Capital Bikeshare bike.

We were curious what motivated the 42-year-old risk management professional from Falls Church, Va. to expend the money and effort—the rental cost $101, though it was waived by the D.C. Department of Transportation, and it took him over two hours to finish the cycling leg of the race—on a bike that's meant for short jumps around town. Simple, he told us: it seemed fun. But, he added, it wasn't easy.

I bet it wasn't easy! I've done 9 miles on a bikeshare bike, and can attest to the fact that three gears and 40 pounds of bike is anything but an ideal racing instrument.

Apparently, the idea came to him when he had signed up for the triathlon but procrastinated about arranging for a bike.

The reactions he received ranged from encouragement to outright shock - but apparently they were all positive.

Sometimes it pays to invent your own challenge and go after that, rather than compete for the goal everyone is after.

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