Sunday, October 28, 2012

Arlington meeting Sandy - Not as freaked out as I'd expect

I'm actually a little surprised how calm the folks in the region seem to be. I usually use the bread isle at Giant as a measure of how scared folks are, and there was still an impressive selection at 4pm today.

Earlier today at Cost Co nobody was hoarding batteries or flashlights (not to mention 40lb bags of rice) -- people just seemed to be doing their normal Sunday thing.

So folks are either prepared for Sandy and ready to take her in stride, or they are completely ignorant. Seriously, I've seen more tension from a few inches of snow than I have for this massive and unprecedented storm.

Right now, my biggest stressor is that school and work is closed tomorrow, and I've got code I was hoping to work on. With folks around the house that probably won't happen. Ahhh, the joy of

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