Thursday, January 17, 2013

He Has a Dream. And It's AWESOME

Every time I try to explain a dream I had the previous night, it comes out sounding downright whacky. "So yeah, we were in the kitchen I grew up in, and I was with another family, but you were there, on a horse, and then my second grade teacher asked for my homework..." -- that sort of thing.

And so, with this in mind, I have a wee bit of sympathy for Glenn Beck as he describes his project: Indepence Park (that link points to a very left leaning blog, so excuse the snarky comments). Seriously, take a few minutes and watch him unfold his vision:

It's like he's taken every idea he's every had, and combined it into one set of architectural plans. Like my retelling of last night's dream, it just leaves one confounded. A few quotes that stood out to me:

Everyone who comes through the front gate comes through [a building designed to look like] Ellis Island. And the reason that we put Ellis Island there is because how that's how most of us or our families came through -- we came through Ellis Island.

A touching sentiment. But what if you didn't arrive in the good old US of A between say 1892 and 1925 -- well then, you must not be one of "us." How comforting.

His description of the education center is downright scary:

Before you send your kids to spend a week with us… We will show them the truth. We will tell them what they’re gonna try to do and we will deprogram them every summer if you care.

And his description of his "archives of truth" -- well, wow. Just wow.

Heck, just watch the whole thing. It's a Kibbutz meets Fox News meets Disneyland meets an old school campground.

The irony, of course, is that he's trying to model a libertarian utopia, which by its centralized nature automatically makes it a poor fit for libertarians.

Still, I want very, very badly for him to produce this place. And I very much want to visit. I don't have the money or technology to put me on a horse in my kitchen talking to my 2nd grade teacher -- so this will have to do.

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