Thursday, January 03, 2013

More "You Don't Need That Fancy Camera" Inspiration

Here's a few non-DSLR photography resources I've tripped over these last few days:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Flickr Group - I'm amazed that these photos were all taken with a Galaxy S3. But, that's what the groups for, right? Browse and get inspired.
  • Photo Walkbabout - a blog post with the usual theme: the author didn't have his real camera, but did have his cell phone, and produced great images. The catch: this is from 2007, and the camera was an Ericsson K790. That's 3.2 megapixels of awesomeness there.
  • Cheaper Camera, Pro Photographer Challenge - Who doesn't love these wacky challenges? In this case, the camera may have one, but it was still a fun fight to watch.
  • Jeffrey's Exif Viewer - More of a tool, and less inspiration, this little bookmarklet is handy for checking out the metadata embedded in an image. Useful for confirming that cell phone shot really did come from a cell phone.
  • Simple Tips That Will Make Your iPhone Photos 100 Times Better - articles like this one are everywhere on the web, and mostly filled with pretty basic information (don't use digital zoom, hold the camera steady, that sort of thing), but I actually found this one useful. Or, maybe I found the specific information and sample photos useful. Yeah, that's probably it.
  • Dirkon - you can afford this camera, trust me. All you need is some heavy duty paper and a whole lot of patience.

No go forth and take great photos using whatever camera you happen to have lying around.

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