Saturday, January 19, 2013

Windy Run Trail and Park - A Perfect Slice of Next Door Nature

Yesterday, I used my running time to explore the trail at Windy Run Park in North Arlington. What starts off as a well defined path turns into a real trail, with a number of stream crossings to spice things up. It is a relatively short trail, but given the secluded woods and the fact that I didn't see anyone else during my visit, it absolutely had a Real Hiking feeling to it.

I also found a geocache in the area. It's one of the largest and easiest finds I've had, which makes it an especially family friendly one. Given the lack of camouflage of the cache, I've really got to think this stretch of park doesn't get a lot of visitors.

The trail ends at the Potomac Heritage Trail, which also provides for some terrific hiking.

About the only thing I didn't get out of this little trail exploration was any wildlife sightings. Though, if I had sat my butt down and been quite for a few minutes, that may have changed.

If you're craving an outdoor adventure, and don't want to travel far, you definitely need to check out this park. It's Next Door Nature at its finest.

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