Wednesday, January 02, 2013

One more Panama Post: Passing the Time on the Airplane

I'm a big fan of sketching, but never seem to have time to practice. And when I do have time, I tend not to have anything useful to sketch.

As we were leaving the hotel and heading home from Panama I had a flash of inspiration. I grabbed a scratchpad the hotel had next to the phone in our room and worked up a little activity for the plane.

I pitched it to our 8 year old like this: I was going to practice sketching some of the photos we had taken on our trip, would he mind using his colored pencils to fill in the color. We'd be a team.

He totally went for it. For the next hour I got sketching practice, had was occupied with coloring, and Shira was able to be engrossed in her book. Here are the results:

Good golly, drawing is hard! On many of sketches you've really got to use your imagination to see much of anything. Still, it was a fun and educational little game. And all it required was the barest of supplies.

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