Monday, September 16, 2013

Arlington Shelter In Place Order

Shira just called to tell me about the Active Shooter in the DC Navy Yard.

A few moments later, I thought I heard a loudspeaker from outside. I cautiously opened my door and this is what heard:

The message:

Attention...all personnel are directed to shelter in place at this time...go to the nearest building and remain inside until the all clear has been announced...

I can't tell where the loudspeaker is positioned, so it might not be intended for the general population. Maybe I'm hearing a message from the nearby Fort Meyer or the Pentagon.

Either way, very spooky.

Update: with no special activity and no Arlington alert message, this was almost certainly a notification meant for Fort Meyer, the nearby base. Like I said, very spooky, but apparently, nothing to be alarmed about.


  1. Indeed spooky. Especially when one has a family.

  2. When I cautiously cracked my front door and gingerly peeked out, the street in front was empty. Between the lack of people on the street and the loudspeaker blaring in the distance, it had the makings for a terrific zombie flick opening.