Monday, September 30, 2013

Finally Putting an Etrog To Use

For years I've been talking about putting the etrog that I use during the holiday of Sukkot to good use. Finally, thanks mostly to lots of effort by Shira, I was able to do this.

While there are a number of recommended uses for an etrog (including an easy recipe for etrog salt) I was hoping I could twist Shira's arm into making me pie. And to her credit, she did.

This morning for breakfast, I was able to enjoy our Etrog Meringue Pie. Yum!

Along with making the pie, I also salvaged the seeds to see if I could get them to grow. I'm sure I did this all wrong, and I have very low expectations. But who knows, maybe one of the three cups of dirt on our window sill will sprout? For a far more touching tale on the topic of etrog seeds, check out this story.

As proof that all this happened, here are a few photos our little project session last night. If nothing else, I've got more ideas than ever for next year!

The before photo:

Hurray, etrog zest!

Seeds. I'm sure decimated my squeezing what little juice is in an etrog out of it:

Seeds in dirt. Yeah, no way this is going to work.

But who cares, cause we've got pie!!!

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