Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Mystery of the Empty Stroller

Today we headed back to the airport, stroller in hand, but this time it was filled!

After spending a day ooohing and ahhhing over our new baby niece in Boston, we executed the second stage of our plan. We scooped up the older kids and brought them back to DC. We love traveling with our Maclaren stroller so much (it's lightweight, sturdy and goes through an airport x-ray scanner with room to spare), that we brought it along to use for the return trip. As usual, it worked great.

All three kids did great in both the airport and on the plane itself. Dovid loved looking out the window, Chana held it together even though she kept on announcing that she was afraid of heights, and Tzipora was just zonked out (guess that children's Drammamine does work wonders). Nobody got air sick, or caused a riot on the plane.

The kids will be with us until Sunday, at which point we'll fly them back home and make one final trip ourselves to collapse back in DC.

One thing I can promise: it's going to be a memorable rest of the week!

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