Thursday, September 12, 2013

Two Classic Basketball Stories You Should Know

I'm one of those rare breeds: an American male who doesn't follow football, baseball or basketball. Actually, I don't have any sports team preferences. Sure, I enjoy going to just about any live sporting event, but the thought of watching one on TV? No thank you. I far more prefer to watch the commercials, than the actual Super Bowl.

But I do love me a good sports story. I can always depend on my brother Dave to filter out just the best, and pass them along. Recently he shared two classics with me: Magic & Bird - A Courtship of Rivals and The Dream Team. Both are basketball related and both are probably well known to you. But if you're not familiar with these stories (I was slightly with the latter, and not at all with the former), these documentaries are well worth your time.

It's sports at its best: riveting, heartwarming and inspirational.

Watch: Magic & Bird

Watch: The Dream Team

If you've got a favorite sports story, I'd love to hear it.

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