Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Half a Do It & Carry It Solution

Carryology has a relatively new category of posts known as: Do It & Carry It, where they suggest small DIY projects for carrying your stuff. For example: combine rope & a towel to make a self contained beach backpack.

It's a clever idea, especially on a site where many of the slickest items are on the costly side.

Anyway, I've got half a Do It & Carry It solution worked out, so I thought I'd share. Maybe someone can suggest an easy to finish it off?

First, a little background. It's just about Fall, which means it's almost time to pack in the cargo shorts and bust out the jeans. This means that I'll have a lot less space to cram all the junk useful tools I usually carry in my pockets. On the bright side, though, it's almost jacket weather. And with jackets, comes pockets!

But what about the in between weather: where a jacket is probably overkill, but shorts are out?

Well, here's a possible solution:

1. Start off by collecting your non-essentials. In this case, I've got a Buff, Altoids Tin filled with goodies, a Bic lighter and a moncular (which I naturally left home on this day).

2. Stash all the stuff in the pockets:

3. Fold the jacket:

4. Roll the jacket:

5. Now things get hazy. In the photo below, I used a couple of reflective bike-pant-holder-thingies to secure the jacket. That's handy if you're outdoors, but not so handy if you don't want to call lots of attention to yourself. And then it needs some sort of strap, so you can actually carry it.

So, how could this be made useful?

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