Monday, June 30, 2014

How well do you know the Washington, DC Mall?

Think you know it all? Here's your quiz for the day. Where can this guy be found on the mall?

Need a hint? It's close to where this view can be found.

Here's the answer.

Now for bonus points: who the heck is he? (This, by the way, I don't know. So please, enlighten me.)

Update: The man depicted is none other than Manus “Jack” Fish, a former Director of the National Parks. The statues are apparently a joke - it's Mr. Fish's face rendered on a Fish's body. Clever!


  1. Google image search could find no similar images. Must be a rare find indeed.

  2. And spooky, too. Right? I can't imagine who the guy is, but he's got to be someone special, as he's on a bridge in DC.