Thursday, June 19, 2014

Japan Adventure - Day 6 (Hiroshima)

We arrived in Hiroshima as the sun was going down, but that didn't keep us from heading to the Peace Memorial Park, the location that essentially marks ground zero for the World's first atomic bomb strike.

The first structure you encounter is the A-Bomb Dome, which is the skeleton of a building which managed to "survive" the strike. (Most structures in the city were incinerated in the blast.) It's absolutely striking and my photos can't really do it justice.

From there, we walked around the Peace Memorial Park, taking in a number of other monuments, including the Peace Bell and Atomic Flame (scheduled to go out when the last nuclear weapon is disposed of).

Photographically, arriving with the light disappearing was somewhat frustrating. But it made for the perfect ambiance for taking in these important monuments. There was essentially nobody else around, so we had the place to ourselves.

Our plan is to come back in a couple days and take in all the sights again (including the museum), but as a first glimpse, our evening stroll turned out to be ideal.

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