Monday, June 30, 2014

4 Steps to the Perfect Blueberry Crumble

Step 1. Recruit some of your Friend's Kids

Between their small stature, and little fingers, kids are perfect for picking blueberries!

Step 2. Head to Butler's Orchard, to pick sweet, sweet blueberries.

The earlier you arrive the better. On a sunny day like yesterday, the place was overflowing by noon.

Step 3. Come home and make yourself scarce.

I heard various sounds coming from the kitchen, but I ignored them all. I suppose berries were washed and crumble was prepared, but that's just a guess.

Step 4. Eat!

A few minute after I heard the kitchen timer go off, I appeared in the kitchen, ready to enjoy perfectly hot and fresh blueberry crumble. I was not disappointed. Yum!!

See, easy as...well...pie!

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