Friday, June 06, 2014

Our 29 minutes and 5 seconds of NBC Fame

Remember that NBC adventure we had a few days back? Well, it wasn't all about Green Rooms and tours. Nope, we actually recorded an episode of Viewpoint that ran last Sunday at 7am.

On the off chance that you had something more pressing to do at 7am on a Sunday morning (like I don't know, sleep, or entertain your children), here's the episode:

COG Child Welfare Director Kamillah Bunn and Arlington County Foster Parents of the Year, the Simons, on NBC4 Viewpoint. from COG Video on Vimeo.

By now I've run all the questions that were asked through my head dozens of times, and have better answers for nearly all of them. I've got to admit, this whole come up with something clever to say while a TV camera is running is a tricky business. I can tell I'm going to have to stick to my day job.

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