Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Get Your Outdoor Exercise On

Last night we mixed up our usual running workout by doing a body-weight workout on the Shirlington Fitness Trail. Perhaps calling it a trail is a bit generous, as it's really just a series of 4 relatively close together stations. I was pleased to find the equipment in good condition, and the instructions to comprehensive. Their are beginner, intermediate and advance options for each station and three different workout sets suggested (labeled Day 1 through Day 3). Most importantly, I found that after following Day #1's recommendations I was pretty much fully fatigued.

This is definitely a useful resource, and with the weather we had last night, far more pleasant to workout outside than inside. By adding in some running (something I plan to nag the ladies into doing next time), this short section of trail should make for a pretty complete workout.

If you're on a fitness kick, you'll definitely want to check these stations out.

Shira even managed to wrestle my cell phone away from me to capture this action pic. Good golly am I orange in this photo. What happened?

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