Friday, June 27, 2014

Apparently I'm Cooking Steak All Wrong, and How To Fix That Right Now

My brother, and personal barbeque consultant, sent me this video: Steak on Coals:

The video calls for cooking the steak directly on charcoal, but of course, I've got a propane grill so I'm out of luck. Or am I?

Sure, I could just hit Amazon and buy a Charcoal Grill. But, surely, there are options, right?

Of course right. All you need is container to hold the hot charcoal, so improvising a grill like this doesn't seem like it would be too tricky. If you have a spare #10 can lying around or an old school metal wagon, you can put them to work. If you've got a large ceramic planter, that apparently works, too.

But the winner for simplicity was mentioned on drop charcoal into a disposable lasagna pan, and you're basically done.

The trickier part: finding the natural chunk charcoal that's mentioned in the video. And no doubt, where you find said charcoal, can also be found a cheap grill. But still, it's good to know that caveman style cooking is only a lasagna pan away.

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