Monday, July 07, 2014

Contributing to the Delinquency of a Senior

That's the phrase my Mom texted me when she received the items I had bought her and my Dad in honor of their latest purchase. See, they just bought kayaks and I was so impressed I couldn't help but pop over to Amazon to buy them a couple of essentials. Here's my Mom in her Kayak (my Dad had been out fishing earlier in the day in his):

I may have been impressed, but I wasn't surprised by their latest hobby choice. Who cares that they don't have much time logged in Kayaks and that at their age* they should probably be focused on bingo or some other less physical pursuit. No, one of the lessons my parents have, and continue to preach is this: you can do whatever you want.

Maybe not exceedingly well mind you, but you can (and should!) do it. Want to learn to knit, or play golf, or run a small business, or play piano or kayak? Then just do it. Who cares if this is uncharted territory, or if you've got no experience doing this particular activity. Get the book. Take the lessons. Just do it.

It's a powerful lesson, and one that I've been lucky to have learned and more importantly continue to be taught.

*Whatever age that may be. Simon Family rule: the kids don't know the ages of their parents.

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