Monday, July 21, 2014

I'll Never Look At Unmatched Socks The Same Way Again

I wanted a way to carry a heap of batteries with me on our latest trip, and it turned out this little black ditty bag did the job perfectly:

It's soft and padded, so the batteries didn't scratch up any of the camera gear they were packed next to.

Of course, that's not a real stuff sack, but a quickly improvised one by snipping off the toe of a lonely black dress sock. It's one of the 5 uses for old socks that Intense Angler suggested in a recent video. Very handy (or footy?) stuff. I'll definitely never look at unmatched socks again in the same way.

Oh, and here's a 6th use for unmatched socks: as inspiration for short stories (seriously, the tale of Left and Right sock are pretty dang intense).

Here's Intense Angler's video. Give it a watch, and start putting that pile of unmatched socks to use:

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