Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pocket Sized Domino Set - Free to Make, Fun to Play

This Instructable was too useful and easy not to make: Pocket Size Traveler's Dominoes.

Just print off the provided PDF and snip out all the Dominoes. I got a little fancy and did a bit of poor man's laminating: I covered the paper with clear packing tape before cutting out the individual pieces. If I had used card stock, they would have felt even more professional (though, they'd be less compact).

Here's how they came out:

The "set" fits in small plastic pill bag and is nice and portable:

Dominoes is one of those universal games that can appeal to both kids and adults. For kids, it's a great way to work on numbers, pattern matching and logic and reasoning all by playing a fun game. Here's a basic set of instructions.

This set fits well with my almost-no-supplies needed game collection. Happy playing!

Remember: there's not excuse for being bored.

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