Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Like Lego Blocks For Your Yard

I have to admit, a gray block of cement doesn't strike me as an ideal gardening tool. But, if you trust the web, you'll see that I'm wrong on this one. Cinder blocks turn out to be a Lego-like tool for creating gardening solutions. Because of their natural heft, they allow you to do many interesting projects without using any additional tools. Just stack, and go. You can use them to fill up large areas, small areas, build up, or create terraces. Pretty dang impressive.

I think they'd fit well with the experimental gardening approach I've been fooling around with this year. They let you start small, see what works, and add on as necessary.

Now, if I can just convince Shira that gray blocks of cement in our yard are going to look glorious, I'll be all set. (Yeah, good luck with that.)

Below are some samples from the web of ways cinder blocks have been deployed. Click on the images to see the story behind each design.

Check out pinterest for even more designs. And here's a list of projects for all those left over cinder blocks you've got lying around after you overbought for your garden.

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