Monday, July 14, 2014

Oxon Hill Farm - Farm Fun For The Fam

This last weekend, we visited Oxon Hill Farm (aka Oxon Cove Park). I'd been meaning to check out the historic farms in the area, and Oxon hill seemed like a solid first bet.

Oxon Hill consists of a bunch of buildings to explore, animals to oggle and grounds to stroll. The views of Alexandria in the distance were surprising and gorgeous. We saw cows, horses, chickens, turkeys and one very nervous kitty (who by the time we saw him, had a gaggle of kids trying to pet him all at once). There are ranger led programs which apparently get you closer to the animals, but we just did our own thing. At 9am on a Sunday, we had the whole farm to ourselves. It was both delightful and a bit eerie. By the time we left, there were all of 10 cars in the parking lot. Like Fort Washington, in any other city this would probably be a pretty major site. But, given how many things there are to do in DC, Oxon Hill Farm is pretty low on most people's TO DO list.

This is definitely one of those places where you'll get out of it what you want. You could easily be a cynic and say, "this is it?" Or, you could you embrace your inner Old McDonald, and love the place. No surprise, I chose the latter approach. For a kids who likes animals, nature or just appreciate space to run, this place would rock.

It didn't hurt that the farm was free, and 20 minutes from Arlington. Low effort, and cute animals to check out (and in my case, photograph); we've got a winner!

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