Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Man, His Guitar and One Entertaining Night

You know how they say that if you rent a tux twice, you were better off just buying one? Well, I missed my chance to test this theory out with cowboy boots. See last night I attended my second country music concert in 10 days. This one was for the great Travis Tritt. He's actually a contemporary of Garth Brooks, but instead of seeing him with 19,000 of my closest friends, it was a cozy night at the Birchmere. And while Garth had a band, a "wall of sound" and special effects, Travis just had himself and a couple of acoustic guitars.

Good golly that man can sing. And tell a story. It was thrilling seeing and hearing a country music legend live and up close.

Mark my word, next country music concert I go to, I'm at least wearing plaid (I don't think I'm ready to rock the hat or boots). Check out a few photos and sound clips. Good times!

Listen to Travis

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