Monday, February 02, 2015

Knights, Horses and Dinner - A Medieval Adventure

This past weekend I took in my very first Medieval Times show, and I walked away pretty dang impressed. As you cross the threshold from the Arudel Mills Mall into the Medieval Times 'Castle' you're supposed to be transported back in time to the days of knights and ladies. Alas, you're actually just led to an extremely elaborate set of gift shops. But, I'll forgive them for that.

Once seated in the arena the real fun begins. Each section of seating corresponds to a particular knight (Go Blue Knight!) and we proudly rooted for ours. For $2.00 or $5.00 we could have bought a flag to wave; we passed on this little extravagance. Dinner is then served as the knights perform a tournament of skill. The feats performed, snatching up rings and racing through the arena were actually pretty dang impressive. They certainly made it look easy, though doubt it is.

The show culminates in a jousting competition and various sword fights. As choreography goes, it wasn't bad. There's lots of clanking and crashing as various arms strike shields and each other; but of course, nobody ever gets hurt.

Then there's the food. I was actually surprised at how well the food worked out. The standard meal consisted of bread, soup, chicken, a rib and desert--all served without silverware. The kids enjoyed that! They also had a vegetarian option which was essentially a rice and bean stew. I've got to say, the veggie meal was quite tasty.

Other than the fact that I felt nickeled and dimed throughout the show ($2.00 for this, $2.00 for that), it really was very entertaining. The horses are gorgeous, the feats performed by the knights impressive, and the up-close seating meant I could try my hand at capturing some interesting photographs. The kids certainly enjoyed the whole shebang, which of course, is key.

If you're looking for an extravagant, indoor activity (perfect on a winter day) that should please the whole family, Medieval Times is worth your time.

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