Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our Snow Day Experience in One Photo

This photo pretty much perfectly captures our snow day experience yesterday. What you can't tell is that: (a) I promised Shira we would shovel together, (b) when she said it was time to shovel I told her I'd be joining her in just a few minutes (that is, as soon as some code I was working on was finished) (c) I lied about (b), (d) when I finally did show up, Shira was 97.9% done witih Shoveling, and (e) I promised I'd help her finish up.

And then you have this photo:

You can almost hear me saying: "whoa! check out those icicles. Let me grab some photos and *then* I'll shovel."

If it makes Shira feel any better, I was always good at getting out of shoveling growing up, too.

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