Sunday, February 08, 2015

Blame it all on my roots--I didn't show up in boots. But it was still an awesome time. Go Garth!

Perhaps the most impressive part of the Garth Brooks concert Shira and I hit last night with good friends was this photo:

I know what you're thinking: it's a line of people waiting to enter the venue, what's the big deal? Thing is, this is the line of people waiting to enter Garth's *second* show of the night.

That's right, after putting on an amazing 2 and half hour show for what appeared to be a sold out crowd, he was going to turn around and do it again in about an hour. That is after putting on two shows the previous night. But that's so Garth. He's definitely larger than life, with people going berserk for pretty much everything he played (OK, the response to his new song was a little less enthusiastic).

As a bonus, his wife, Trisha Yearwood sang a couple of songs, too. Man, I love her voice.

After the concert we had a delicious Japanese dinner at Station Square, followed by a trip up the Monongahela Incline funicular (built in 1870!) to take in a spectacular view of Pittsburgh. Great friends, great music, great food and a chance to take photos of the city; I was in heaven.

This morning on our way out of town we stopped at The Zenith for brunch. The Zenith is an antique store / vegetarian restaurant (or as one Yelp reviewer called it, Crackerbarrel for hipsters), and the food was quite good. The dessert selection, included as part of brunch, was especially impressive.

What a fantastic weekend adventure!

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