Thursday, May 14, 2015

Got Duct Tape? After watching these videos you will

MeZillch is at it again, publishing cool gear hacks on his YouTube channel. His latest set of videos: clever ways to carry around duct tape. I mean really, can you ever have enough duct tape? He's now up to 7 videos on the topic! Man, that's impressive.

The latest video he produced, EDC/ Survival Duct Tape pt. 7: Squash Packs & Clamps, provides a clever method for securing Altoid Tins with a "clamp" of duct tape. With his hack you get an Altoids Tin that stays shut when it should, but is easy to access when you need the contents. And of course, you get a supply of duct tape as a nice bonus.

Here's what my Altoids Tin looked like before and after this hack:

It's hard to appreciate from that photo, but that's just about 100 inches of duct tape, and it doesn't increase the size of the tin in a noticeable way.

By the way, the original idea of using a silicone bracelet to secure the tin was also an MeZillch idea.

Here's your Boy Scout homework for today: ask yourself, do you have duct tape handy? Check out the videos below and see there's no excuse for not carrying some.

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