Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Taking the U out of UFO

Given that the Pentagon is located in Arlington, and the rest of the government is just a stone's throw a way in DC, you can imagine we get a heck of a lot of helicopter traffic. But one day I look up and see an especially odd aircraft. It looked roughly like a plane, but it appeared to have its prop engines titled up like a helicopter.

I won't lie, the first thing I thought of was the G.I. Joe Rattler, which as any child of the 80's can tell you was a vertical take off and landing based aircraft. Note the pivoted engines:

Over time I came to appreciate that I had not seen some top secret government project, but a V22 Osprey. In fact, plenty of folks in the area had seen one (or it?). Shira told me tales of watching one run test flights throughout the day.

I'd continue to catch a glimpse of this cool aircraft, but I'd never catch sight of one long enough to snap a photo.

Today I finally did. It was way off in the distance, so pardon the grainy photograph:

On the other hand, a grainy photograph does seem appropriate for a UFO, no? (Even if it's only Unidentified to me).

Below is a photo of the the V22 at work. Man, that's one slick aircraft. Not as awesome as the Rattler, but still, pretty dang cool. I suppose it has the nice benefit of being real.

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