Thursday, May 07, 2015

The Five Minute Fence

Last weekend it became clear that if we were going to have gardens, we'd need some of protection from various varmints in the area. Here's my 5 minute solution:

Step 1. Order the supplies. I ended up picking up 36-Inch x 50-Foot 1-Inch Galvanized Mesh Hexagonal Poultry Netting, a 10 pack of 10.5-Inch long heavy duty stakes and 100 8-Inch zip ties. Oh, and I used the rubber mallet and basic pair of wire cutters I had lying around. (I can still hear my Dad: Every man should own a rubber mallet - how right you are Dad!)

Step 2. Measure out the length of chicken wire poultry netting. I wrapped a string around the X-Garden and then used that to measure out the length of netting I'd need. Cutting the chicken wire was easy enough.

Step 3. Wrap the chicken wire around the Big Bag Bed, secure the ends with a few zip ties and pound in a 4 or 5 stakes to hold it to the ground.

To my surprise, the setup actually seems solid. I checked out YouTube, and the majority of gardening fence builds there were quite elaborate, requiring measure, drilling and cementing. I've either managed to get lucky and find a clean design that's easy to build, or tomorrow I'll find the whole mess has collapsed.

OK bunnies (and neighborhood children), I'm ready for you - do your worst!

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