Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Little Pond of Wonders

Last month I found Long Branch Nature Center, but yesterday was the first time I truly explored the grounds. As you approach the compact nature center itself there's a trail that loops around this pond:

The pond isn't especially large, but it's packed with life! Distinct orange fishies, tons of turtles and well camouflaged toads abound. See:

And checkout this (harmless) water snake that was warming itself:

As if that weren't enough, the pond has plenty of pretty flowers surrounding it:

Inside the nature center there are more small creatures to oggle (including hissing cockroaches and a skink!) and a play room for younger kids to kick back and enjoy.

For it's size, Long Branch Nature Center really is a wonder. And that pond, so cool!

Update: I also meant to include the photo below. It's of a bullfrog tadpole. I've seen itty bitty tad poles before, but compared to them, this guy is a giant. This photo was snapped inside the nature center.

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