Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Some Man Point Math

Last night, Shira comes home and tells me her battery warning light is on in her Acura TL. She's called the local auto parts store and they've confirmed that they can check and order the battery if necessary. Let's see how my Man Points do on this adventure...

-5 Points for not having the ability to check my own battery level.

+0 Points for figuring out a way to have Shira call the store, and not me.

+5 Points for knowing how to pop my own hood and find the latch to open it up.

-5 Points for being proud of myself for not fumbling the opening of the hood.

-20 Points for having no idea how to access the battery terminals on my own car. Stupid Acura TL and its Man Point sucking plastic shell found around the engine.

-5 Points for checking the manual.

+5 Points for *not* checking the web and just blinding starting to tug on stuff.

+10 Points for using my P51 can opener on my key-chain to pry open plastic snaps that held down the plastic.

+0 Points for strolling back into the store like a Boss explaining that I'd indeed found access to my own battery terminals.

+0 Points for being able to put the plastic shell back in place.

+0 Points for having no extra parts from this project.

Total Score: -15 Man Points

That's actually not bad. Thank heavens the clerk at the store didn't attempt any sports related small talk, or I'd be looking at a triple digit negative score.

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