Friday, May 12, 2006

Clever Country Lyrics

I've been listing to XM Radio quite a bit lately, and have started catching up on country music. Here are some lyrics I just couldn't resist sharing:

Well, I never thought it'd come to this when I said: "Have another." / 'Cause, baby, you turned into me, an' I became my mother.
--Tomlinson Trent, Drunker Than Me

You wear a Rolex, hell, she ain't impressed. She like deer stands, beer cans, Baits her own hook when she fishes
-- Jamey Johnson, Rebelicious

(Strike one) / Hey baby do you do come here often / (Strike two) / Hey baby now what’s your sign / (Strike three) / Hold on now where you goin’ /(He is out)
--Trace Adkins, Swing (Listen )

Let's get out of Iraq an' get back on the track, / And let's rebuild America first.
--Merle Haggard, America First (Listen)

She was lookin' for love; he was lookin' for fun. / Yeah, men an' mascara always run.
--Julie Roberts, Men And Mascara

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