Monday, May 08, 2006

Design Envy

The other day I had to fix one of our toilets. And by fix, I mean adjust the chain used to lift the flapper dealy.

While doing this, I couldn't help pondering the design of the flushing system of an ordinary toilet. (Come on, admit it, you've done this before.)

It's absolutly remarkable. If you've never looked inside the tank of a toilet, and watched it flush, you've got to take a peek. Seriously, it's elegance in motion.

Consider that the flushing of a toilet is all tied together by a few simple parts, all working in concert. You essentially have a plug, a chain, a ball that floats and a lever. How someone plugged these simple parts together to make something so useful is remarkable to me.

No electronics or expensive parts, just simplicity.

Included is an easy to use user interface.

I think this device officially gets my Best Designed Product Ever award.


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