Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More bug issues

Bugs. No, not the kind that are caused by indexes out of bounds or null pointers. Nope, I'm talking about the crawling kind.

I should apologize ahead of time to Megan - she's not going to like this post. Sorry Megan.

Ok, with that said...

I managed to wipe out a bunch of ants for a few days, but I think I only ended up making them smarter (and probably pissed off). So they were back yesterday.

Not to fear, I stopped by the hardware store and picked up more toxic goodies. I actually got spray designed for the outside of the house, to set up a barrier of some kind (at least that's what the bottle promised.)

So, I sprayed. And sprayed. And sprayed. If I do manage to kill the ants for this season, it will no doubt cost me my lawn or perhaps the contamination of the Arlington water supply (sorry all Arlingtonains!).

Lets hope this round is more sucessful than my last round of extermination. Otherwise, I'll just end up killing off the weak ants, leaving me to deal with a race of super ants.



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