Thursday, November 30, 2006

13 Uses For Vodka

Here are 13 uses for Vodka, including:

  • 2. To clean the caulking around bathtubs and showers, fill a trigger-spray bottle with vodka, spray the caulking, let set five minutes and wash clean. The alcohol in the vodka kills mold and mildew
  • 11. To relieve a fever, use a washcloth to rub vodka on your chest and back as a liniment.
  • 13. Vodka will disinfect and alleviate a jellyfish sting.
  • 15. Swish a shot of vodka over an aching tooth Allow your gums to absorb some of the alcohol to numb the pain.

I simply never imagined there would be that many uses for Vodka. Apparently, it's the duct tape of liquids.

1 comment:

  1. Surely those would apply to almost any form of alcohol?