Thursday, November 09, 2006

Going Laptopless

My laptop has started acting up - and with only a week or so left on the warrantee, we decided to have it repaired.

That means no work laptop for some period of time. Oy.

So, I have this fancy new desktop temporarily. I have to admit, I like the 1600x1200 screen real estate. And they keyboard is 100 times nicer.

But, it doest support me camping out at other people's desks, or being able to bring stuff up on the projector during a meeting. So, this is definitely temporary.

I guess I'll VNC from home (great tip Kathy, thanks for the reminder!). The alternative would be a few days without evening access. But please, who are we kidding? I couldn't do that.

So far, the setup has been painless. Just drag and drop c:/cygwin and life is good.


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