Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sidekick: Hot Swapping The SD Card

When I got the new Sidekick I was psyched to see that it supported micro SD cards. However, I was disappointed that you had to remove the battery cover to get to the card.

To add insult to injury - when you take off the back of the phone, to get to the card, you are greeted by this scary warning.

I always assumed the warning was telling me that I wasn't allowed to pop in or out the SD card.

Yesterday I finally actually read the screen: it's telling me that I can't pop out the battery without shutting down. Just don't pop out the SD card when it's in use.

Oh. So it is totally hot swappable. And it was trying to tell me that all along.

So, the Sidekick redeems itself even more: the SD card slot may be out of the way, but at least it's functional.


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