Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How I'm Found

Recently Micro Persuasion mentioned that Google Sitemaps now showed you the search terms that were brining up your website. I've played with Google Sitemaps before, but usually on the context of trying to coax Google into indexing my site. I'd never thought to hook it up to my blog.

But, in just a few short steps, I had things setup, and sure enough, Google allows you to instantly see your Top Search Queries. Here's a snapshot of some of mine:

The results are interesting. A few interesting examples...

  • Misspelling helps me a lot: I'm the second link that shows up when people search for attonery or noodels and company.
  • I'm in the 33rd spot when you search for scantily clad, you can draw your own conclusion from that.
  • I come up in the top 10 for: Jewish Ringtones, mp3 hat and perl here documents. I'm not sure what those search phrases are good for, but hey, it's always nice to be in the top 10 of anything.
  • I'm number 55 in for Soduko, which I can live with, considering I don't have anything meaningful on my blog about this topic.

I suggest you take a few minutes and setup Google Sitemaps. If nothing else, you'll learn how poor a speller you are.

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