Monday, November 27, 2006

Another Bad Consumer Experience

And here, I was getting all agitated about a silly 5% restocking fee. That's nothing! A buddy at work was telling me about his builders, and what a crummy job they did.

So bad, in fact, that they earned their own website outlining his grievances.

I just love that he has an outlet where he can share his story with the world. Hopefully, other's will learn from his experience, or even better, the Builders will come around and try to make things right. Either way, I know I certainly won't be using CW Custom Builders anytime in the future.

I just love this picture my friend posted of a stud they used - I think this neatly sums up their devotion to quality:


  1. Anonymous6:47 PM

    The funny thing is I know the builders and they have done many beautiful homes in the capital region and I walked threw the house in which you speak of before I built my house. And that stud along with many other things on that web site were removed from that house after a final walk threw of stages. Ignorance is in the dictionary. . . Look it up!

  2. Anonymous8:29 PM

    For what its worth I build many homes a year for many different builders in our area including CW.They are very strict with quality control standards as far as the materials and the craftsmanship of there homes.It is not uncommon to have to replace studs in a home during the construction process due to warping/checking/twisting.I built a house for marini builders and replaced over 30 studs after a pre inspection walk through.After viewing your website its obvious your knowledge of the building process is minimal.Its because of people like you that my liability insurance is over 15 thousand dollars a year.My advise to you is when you build your next house dont be a pain in the ass, visit the house with the builders rep.and trust your building inspector.He checks every stick of lumber in the house as far as quality and grade stamps.Very seldom in the northeast due we get a home dryed in before it rains and leaks happen often.Be happy you had a builder that addressed all of your issues and i know they did.And if you had a leg to stand on legally you would be doing more than sitting in front of a computer screen trying to pencil f*** CW custom builders.