Monday, November 20, 2006

Swiss Side Trip: Castle of Chillon

With Shira in meetings all day, I got to have a little exploration day all to myself. I choose to hunt down an visit the Castle of Chillon. This involved taking a train to a neighboring city and a few mile hike along the lake. But, I'm happy to report, it was all worth it.

It turns out, the Castle of Chillon is all it claims to be, and more. I've schlepped to too many must see sites only to learn that they are little more than a pile of stones, or a building you can observe from the outside. Not so with Chillon.

Chillon includes a 30'ish point self guided tour that takes you from a few layers under ground, to all the way to a high turret. All while making your way through questionably safe passages - it's all lots of fun.

If you make it anywhere near the Montreux area of Switzerland, it's a must see.

More pictures to follow. Oh, and wish me luck getting back to my hotel in one piece.

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