Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Found Items - Business Cards, Photos, Check book, Oh My

Some gems Shira and I found while cleaning out our Project Room...

I got to watch my progression from senior software engineer to manager of middle-tier systems (same thought today as back then -- what the heck does that mean?). I must have found 100 business cards in my old brief case. I have no idea what I was planning to do with them all, but if I ever needed to distribute 100 of them in one sitting, I was good to go.

Guess how old Shira and I were in these photos?

They were both taken in 1996 - I was a sophomore in College. Yikes, even I think I look young. And Shira looks exactly the same as she does today.

And look what I found here - my very first, and last, meaningful checkbook! I had it for one summer in 1997. The only checks written (6 of them) were to my Mom to pay her back for putting Shira's engagement ring on her Visa card.

After that summer I got married, and haven't seen, much less had, a check book of my own.

And here's a real collector's item - an Amazing Media Yo-Yo. It's one thing to have a few shirts lying around, or a borrowed chair - but quite another to have one of the official Yo-Yo's. If Amazing Media had made it big, no doubt this Yo-Yo would go for thousands on eBay or be prominently featured in a special display case in the lobby. But, alas, things didn't go that direction, and it wound up at the bottom of a pile in our project room.

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  1. Ah the memories...
    I still have one of the AM promotional videos. Amazing Media is "Life Changing"