Wednesday, May 02, 2007

How long was that run? Gmaps Pedometer

Today, at the end of my run, I started to wonder how long the route had been. Was it an impressive 10 miles, like I felt it was? Or a depressing 2 miles that shows just how out of shape I am.

Naturally, I turned to Google to find out the answer - and it turns out that I ran respectable 5.0364 miles. I know this thanks to Gmaps Pedometer.

Gmaps Pedometer makes it really easy to sketch out your route, and see the distance you traveled. It also allows you to save it as a link. For example, to see my running route tonight, you can visit this link.

The site allows you to export the route as a series of way points, perfect for plugging into a GPS. Through a bit of web gymnastics, you can even get the map embedded on your blog, like below (thanks to the very cool GPSVisualizer site, and the handy GMap to GPX tool site).

Whether you are planning your next cross country hike, or just figuring out how long the schlep to shul will be in some foreign town - Gmaps Pedometer seems like a handy site to know about.


  1. Thanks Ben for the handy website. I have a pedometer but it seems as though it only works when I walk. I've measured out my route up to 3 miles using my car but when I run with the pedometer, it turns out that I'm supposedly only running 0.75 miles. Will track my miles now with the link.

  2. Have you checked out MapMyRun? We have a bunch more features, including enhanced elevation profiles and blog embedding, and you can import your gmap-pedometer routes there as well.

  3. Jeff - thanks for the pointer.

    Leah - I'm glad I can help you get full credit for your running. Gosh knows, we deserve it :-).