Thursday, May 31, 2007

Viral Radio Ads

Last night, before bed, we were listening to the radio. I happened to catch a commercial for The commercial was nothing special, though it did include some woman chatting on about her profile.

At the end of the spot, they mentioned that you should check her profile, and that it was nycgingergirl.

Not that I'm shopping for a new mate, but I couldn't resist a quick google search for her.

Sure enough, she has a profile and a blog for you to read.

Now clearly, this has a kind of icky feel to it all, and it's obviously inspired by lonelygirl15. But still, I have to admit that I like how they've taken a more show rather than tell approach to their service.

They don't just send you to their home page, or to some promotion, they get you to actually search someone out.

I'm with Montgomery Burns on this one: "You know, I'm not art critic, but I know what I hate. And ... I don't hate this."

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